Our Segments

Our Segments

Valmont has remained dedicated to meeting the world’s demands for quality infrastructure and sustainable agriculture since it was founded in 1946. Core strengths in these industries have facilitated substantial international expansion and positioned company for leadership on a global scale.

Five segments encompass our businesses worldwide, Engineered Support Structures, Utility Support Structures, Coatings, Energy and Mining and Irrigation. We continue to pursue growth opportunities that leverage our existing product portfolio, engineering capabilities, and knowledge of our principal end-markets and customers.

Engineered ​Support Structures

Valmont began manufacturing steel pipe and tubing for its irrigation systems in 1959, and saw an opportunity to develop markets throughout the U.S. for original equipment manufacturers, steel service centers and public and private projects. Over time, this business developed into one providing steel and aluminum poles and structures for lighting and traffic control, roadway safety systems, and wireless communication structures.

Valmont companies around the world are driven by infrastructure, commercial and residential construction and communities’ needs for developed, safe, visually-appealing and well-lit streets, highways, parking lots and common areas and communication. Click here to learn more about our Engineered ​Support Structures products and brands worldwide.  Learn more...


The Valmont Coatings division began with galvanization of Valmont products from our single plant in Valley, Nebraska. Within 15 years, Valmont products now represent less than one-fifth of our total volumes from our 19 facilities; the rest of which meet commercial demand for nearly every industry in North America, Australia and Southeast Asia.

Valmont Coatings and Industrial Galvanizers inhibit corrosion, extend service lives and enhance attractiveness of a wide range of materials and products through hot-dipped galvanizing, anodizing, powder coating and e-coating.  Learn more...


Valley® Irrigation is the world’s leader in manufacturing reliable irrigation equipment and technological advancements for agriculture – providing solutions to meet the growing demand for food while conserving freshwater resources. Our Company currently operates more than 50 factories, and distributes Valley products to more than 100 countries. Our international network of dealers is supported through the home office in Valley, Nebraska, and regional headquarters in South America, South Africa, Western Europe, Australia, China, and the Middle East.  Learn more...

Valmont Tubing

With one of the broadest size ranges of electric resistance welded steel tubing sizes and finishes in round, square, rectangle & special shapes, Valmont Tubing has been providing solutions for our customers for over 50 years. Visit Valmont Tubing.

Utility Support Structures

Valmont Utility manufactures tapered steel and pre-stressed concrete poles for high-voltage transmission lines, substations to transfer high-voltage electricity to low-voltage transmission, and electrical distribution to carry electricity from substations to the end-user; as well as hybrid structures. The Company is responding to expected increases in electrical consumption and drive for renewable energy, with function, safety, durability and aesthetics in mind.  Learn more...

Energy and Mining

Energy and Mining business comprise three businesses, Webforge, Valmont SM, and Donhad.  Webforge is the major supplier of grating and handrail products into large-scale projects of all types across the ANZ including Oil and Gas, Mining and Resources, Industrial and Commercial Construction sectors.  Valmont SM manufactures and co-engineers heavy complex steel structures for a diverse range of industries, including wind energy, offshore oil and gas, transmission towers and material handling systems.
Since its inception in 1965, Donhad has provided many of Australia’s largest mining companies with the highest level of expertise and support in the processing of ore.Visit Donhad.