Industry-leading steel and spun-concrete products are engineered to provide exceptional durability in any environment.  As the country's only provider of spun concrete, tubular steel and hybrid poles for the power delivery industry, Valmont® Utility offers utility engineers a seamless blend of custom solutions for diverse applications in their power delivery projects, maximizing their economic benefits.

Valmont offers innovative solutions to a variety of utility customers including Investor Owned Utilities, Municipal Electric Systems, Government Owned Electrical Utilities, Rural Electric Cooperatives and Engineering, Procurement & Construction Companies.

We work with our customers with an unmatched commitment to support the utility industry. To ensure your projects success in this time of ever-increasing demand, you need to partner with Valmont, a proven performer.

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Asia Pacific

With over 50 years experience in the tubular support structure development, Valmont introduced high strength steel monopole into the utility industry in early 1970s. Valmont’s strong engineering capacity, high strength steel with low silicon content, and reliable quality standard have brought values and success to thousands of utility customers globally.

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INGAL EPS is Australia's leading manufacturer of quality poles and columns and is the only company of its type with a presence in every Australian state and territory. Manufacturing facilities are located locally in Brisbane and Perth, with factories in China, India and the Philippines operated by our parent company, Valmont Industries.

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