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We are a diversified global producer of fabricated metal products and are a leading producer of steel and aluminum pole, tower and other structures in our Engineered Infrastructure Products (EIP) segment, steel and concrete pole structures in our Utilities Support Structures (Utility) segment and are a global producer of mechanized irrigation systems in our Irrigation segment. We also provide metal coating services, including galvanizing, painting and anodizing in our Coatings business.

Our products sold through the (EIP) segment include outdoor lighting and traffic control structures, wireless communication structures and components and roadway safety and industrial access systems. Our pole structures sold through our Utility segment support electrical transmission and distribution lines and related power distribution equipment. Our irrigation segment produces mechanized irrigation equipment that delivers water, chemical fertilizers and pesticides to agricultural crops.

Customers and end-users of our products include state and federal governments, contractors, utility and telecommunications companies, manufacturers of commercial lighting fixtures and large farms as well as the general manufacturing sector.

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