Electro-Deposition Painting (E-Coat)

Electro-deposition painting, or E-Coat, is an organic coating deposited from an aqueous solution through an electrical charge. Materials with a positive electrical charge are drawn to parts that are negatively charged. When energized, the part attracts oppositely charged paint particles. The surfaces and edges of the painted parts are covered with an evenly deposited film. The parts are then baked in ovens at 380º, with the deposited particles flowing out to become a continuous organic film.

Why Use E-Coat?

The immersion process that E-Coat employs provides paint coverage in recesses, minute holes and other areas inaccessible to conventional spray applications. In addition, the product can be assembled prior to painting, which reduces costs and improves labor efficiencies while providing corrosion protection to the normally "inaccessible" surfaces. Automotive wiper arms are an excellent example of an e-coated assembly.

E-Coating is offered at the following Valmont Coatings locations: