Street and Area Lighting

Street and Area Lighting


People gain an important sense of safety and security when neighborhood and city roadways are well illuminated with street lights and when public spaces and parking lots are safely and attractively lit. Possessing a passion for quality, service and innovation, Valmont designs and manufactures a vast selection of traditional, decorative, historic and modern structures for street and area lighting applications.

Valmont Structures and other Valmont businesses around the world design and produce a broad selection of standard and custom-engineered lighting poles, lamp posts, high-mast light towers, sports lighting poles and other essential lighting structures to support customers’ outdoor illumination needs.

To meet the growing demand for decorative outdoor lighting, Valmont offers an excellent selection of attractive light poles, lamp posts and accessories which harmoniously integrate structural durability with enduring eye appeal.

Valmont crafts the broadest selection of light poles in the world. Depending on your region, you may choose from steel, aluminum, composite, wood or concrete structures. In select regions, material elements can be integrated into a single light pole for a special, one-of-a-kind design. Contact the Valmont office near you to learn more about Valmont light poles.