Power Distribution

Power Distribution


Valmont® Utility offers customers superior alternatives to wood distribution poles. Steel, spun concrete and hybrid poles are an engineered product designed to ASCE and NESC Standards. The fabrication and quality meets or exceeds AWS and ASTM Standards. 

Valmont Utility, one of the largest suppliers of steel distribution poles in the world, is a proven leader you can rely on for round tapered distribution and light duty transmission poles. Take confidence by hardening your system when you use poles that increase system reliability.

  • Consistent Strength
  • Uniform Dimensions
  • Lower Lifetime Costs
  • Light weight
  • Reduce installation costs
  • Custom Design
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Fire resistant
  • Lower inspection costs
  • Available stock
  • Operations Training

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Asia Pacific


INGAL EPS Distribution poles are the lightest poles available across the full range of length and tip loads. All of the standard range conforms to AS/NZS standards, ASCE/SEI 48-05, and to the ENA Pole Supply and Performance Specification. The length and tip loads of the standard range make INGAL EPS steel poles a direct replacement for the most common timber and concrete poles, and with significant advantages. 

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Valmont China can create design based on many international recognized standards including ASCE, AASHTO 1994/2001, BS5649, CP3&TR7, BS6399, EN40, EUROCODE, TIA/EIA-222-G (or F) and many more…..

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Valmont India offers high-quality galvanized-steel utility poles for power distribution which provide reliable support to power lines. Standard and custom designs are available.

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