Disguised towers for wireless communications

Concealed Towers

Valmont offers a broad range of MVI (Minimum Visual Impact) towers which are commonly referred to as disguised, concealed or slimline towers. To learn more about the availability of these towers in your region, contact the office near you.


Valmont disguised/concealed wireless towers

As an originator in disguised cell towers and camouflaged wireless towers, Valmont offers creative solutions designed to blend in with the landscape and surrounding environment. Valmont offers these MVI (Minimal Visual Impact) towers for cellular and other wireless communication applications in select regions of the world.

To meet local aesthetic and zoning requirements, these poles may be designed for multi-use functionality, such as a flag pole or clock tower; the towers can also be designed to mimic the appearance of local trees and other greenery or can be designed as a slimline structure.