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Transforming food productivity.

Population growth. Climate change. Scarcity of land and resources. Now, more than ever, growers need Valmont’s nearly 80 years of experience advancing agricultural productivity to meet the ever-increasing demand for food and the conservation of natural resources.

Empowering growers to make better decisions, every hour of every day.

We’ve long been the global leader in center pivot irrigation. Our expertise and experience with engineered structures, connected devices, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) uniquely positions us to create the agricultural infrastructure and technology that helps growers feed the world more efficiently and sustainably than ever.

Allocating resources
allocating resources

We give growers a comprehensive view of their operation, from pumps to pivots to plants, enabling them to allocate inputs with unparalleled efficiency.

Valmont® already has nearly 250,000 center pivots irrigating crops around the world. That’s existing infrastructure that can support cameras, sensors and other smart technology to provide data on everything from plant health to pest activity and more.

Today, our technology is being used globally, allowing growers to produce more with less and helping them feed the world.

Optimizing yields

Precision Agriculture


Our industry-leading Valley® center pivots are engineered to stand up to the most challenging conditions and help growers do more with less.

Agricultural Technology


From plant health to water monitoring utilizing cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence, Prospera® collects and analyzes data to help growers make decisions that lead to optimized yields.

Solar Solutions


Ag Solar® solutions offered by Valley help bring formerly unproductive areas into production and provide growers a more sustainable/cost-effective way to generate power.

smart farming

Technology that enables producers to avoid obstacles, operate efficiently and make adjustments on a scale not previously possible from a single company.

Whether on a center pivot, light pole or tractor, our technology gives growers and ranchers nearly autonomous control of their operation on a single platform that collects, stores and organizes data from multiple sources for easier access and analysis.

From animal health to crop health management to conserving resources and minimizing inputs. The future of farming has arrived.

Ag Productivity



Center pivots may go around in circles, but we’ve been steadily advancing the technology for decades.



Interconnected infrastructure allows data collection that provides recommendations for growers to optimize their crop management program.

Our Impact
Up to
water efficiency

for center pivot application

  • 33 million acres

    The area irrigated by our pivots in over 90 countries is more than twice the size of Lake Michigan.

  • 1 billion trees

    Ag Solar installations are responsible for reducing 103,443 tons of CO₂, equal to planting over a billion trees.

  • 21K MT CO₂

    reduced annually by remote connected devices, equal to over 23M pounds of coal burned.

  • 40% of all food

    20% of the world’s farmland is irrigated, yet it produces 40% of the global food supply.

Conserving Resources. Improving Life.®

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