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Transforming everyday life.

Hardening the grid. Optimizing renewable energy. Connecting the internet of things. Technology can’t exist without resilient, reliable infrastructure. For nearly 80 years, we’ve been leading advances in vital infrastructure to meet the ever-changing demands of the world.


Reliable connectivity. Resilient energy. Public safety.

As the world decarbonizes, the energy transition is on. It needs smarter, more efficient and sustainable infrastructure. Valmont® solutions such as telecom towers help provide always-on connectivity. Our solar trackers maximize power generation before it enters the energy grid through our substations, and then is transferred to the end-user through our grid-hardening transmission and distribution networks.

Our lighting and transportation solutions support the technology that increases safety and provides more efficiencies on roadways and in public spaces. Valmont infrastructure solutions are transforming the future — starting today.

lighting & transportation

More than a pole. It’s a promise.

Embedded in this pole is the power to create way more than light. In the energy transition, this pole is part of the vital infrastructure Valmont is engineering to make the promise of technology useful in everyday life.

Smarter, more sustainable infrastructure can help keep events safer by monitoring crowds. It can measure and transmit information about air quality. It can power autonomous as well as electric vehicles. It can communicate data for better traffic flow. And so much more.


Enabling the technology that makes life better.

Valmont infrastructure helps provide a sense of what we need to see, where we need to go, and the safest path to get us there.

  • 01Enabling light and a greater sense of security.
  • 02Getting you and your family home more safely.
  • 03Helping crowds move safely in real time.

Connecting people and places with infrastructure you can count on.

Enabling predictive driving for better traffic flow.


Even the road often traveled can be unpredictable. Weather, traffic jams and accidents happen. Imagine a streetlight that does more than illuminate the road. It also warns drivers about what’s happening ahead. To make getting from Point A to Point B easier than ever.

EV charging infrastructure. Everywhere.


There’s no doubt that electric vehicles are far better for the environment than fossil fuel. The problem is finding a place to charge them. Imagine EV charging infrastructure that’s as ubiquitous as a light pole on a highway. We have, and we’re designing the infrastructure that will deliver the power that makes electric vehicles and the world go.

… And for everyone.


Just as we’re helping to make a difference with EV cars, our infrastructure is also powering public transportation. So we can help improve the environment for communities as a whole.

Helping first responders actually be the first responders.


Keeping emergency vehicles moving quickly and efficiently in a crisis is critical and challenging. Our green-light, first-responder solutions will change everything for the better and bring lifesaving technology to life.

Heavy traffic ahead

Updating your route …


Route updated

Take a right in 300 ft

Slippery conditions ahead

For the next 700 ft

Parking available nearby

Parking space available in 600 ft

first responders’ priority

Adaptive traffic control enabled

Traffic lights en route alerted


Connecting all communities.

Remote learning, working from home, telehealth, entertainment technology and everyday life are inseparable. We all deserve the right to be as connected in the digital world as we are in the real one. Valmont infrastructure is bridging the gaps even in the most remote, underserved places to enable stable, reliable connectivity for all, day in and day out.

Connecting people, bridging every gap.

Collaboration for today. And tomorrow.

Healthcare — wherever and whenever.

Super-fast connectivity for entertainment.


Modernizing to keep the energy grid in balance.

Renewable generation is changing everything. Now, it is more important than ever to provide the resilient transmission of power from remote locations to the end user. Valmont utility structures and coating solutions are engineered to withstand intense environmental and climate effects.

Our aerial inspection and maintenance services help keep them at peak performance. All while working to reduce outages, preserve natural habitats, and make the power grid stronger through it all.

  • 01Engineered and tested to endure all climate challenges.
  • 02Drone expertise to keep your team safe on the ground.

Bringing a whole new energy to life.

Valmont Solar is bringing a whole new energy to renewables. We have more than a decade of experience bringing innovative products that help increase generation. And we have over 40 years in the utility sector. Now, powered by Convert technology, we’re bringing even more solutions to maximize your solar projects.

Our Impact

more people with internet access from 2020 to 2022.

  • 3.5 GWh

    Our solar solutions support 3.5 GWh, equal to keeping over 1.1 million cars off the road.

  • 96%

    This is the percentage of Valmont utility structures sold in North America that are used to harden the electric grid, helping to combat the $169.8B impact caused by climate-related events in 2022.

  • 671K MT CO₂

    Valmont supports the EV charging of zero-emission buses. In total, these buses have helped save 671K MT of CO₂ in 2022 (U.S.), equal to taking nearly 145K cars off the road for an entire year.

  • 550,000 MT

    More than 550,000 MT of steel were galvanized by Valmont in 2022.

Conserving Resources. Improving Life.®

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