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PyraMAX® towers carry power to Louisiana

2 min read
May 13, 2023
Valmont® designed and built two large-scale utility towers for Entergy to increase transmission and structural integrity and improve power distribution and reliability during more frequent severe weather in the Gulf Coast.
  • Project
    PyraMAX Towers Replacement Project
  • Location
    New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Challenge
    Designing and building durable, reliable utility towers to withstand severe weather
  • Solution
    Valmont PyraMAX towers harden the grid to weather storms

Weather experts predict that, over the next 70 years, tropical storms in the U.S. Gulf Coast region will increase in frequency and velocity — allowing less time between storms for recovery. Since 2007, the Gulf Coast has faced six major storms of either Category 4 or 5 strength (at least 130 mph/209 kph). Including Hurricane Katrina in 2005, these storms have resulted in more than $500 billion in damage. While severe weather already occurs more often and intensely, climate models estimate the frequency to increase by up to 10% and strength to increase between 5 and 10% by 2100. To prepare for what the weather may bring in the future, during the summer and fall of 2022, Valmont built two 475-foot (145-meter) PyraMAX towers using galvanized steel for longtime client Entergy to replace existing lattice towers that carry one of eight transmission lines across the Mississippi River into New Orleans. The new structures — the largest ever produced by Valmont — are designed, built and tested to harden the grid by withstanding wind speeds up to 175 mph (282 kph) and prevent power outages in future extreme conditions. This helps Entergy, headquartered in New Orleans and powering more than three million customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas, to deliver more value and security by keeping the lights on and saving time and money on lost power and repairs. The PyraMAX towers conserved resources by using less concrete during construction and are built to be more flexible, cost-effective and durable, thanks to the recyclable, sturdy galvanized steel — improving lives by providing reliable power to Entergy’s customers.