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Improving life through sustainability.

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Through nearly 80 years of innovation and expertise, Valmont® stands positioned to make life better by creating a more sustainable, connected and prosperous world for all.


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG): How we’re making life better for all.

The ESG framework guides our strategy and efforts to create value and growth while fulfilling our purpose to conserve resources and improve life.

Sustainability Starts at the Top
  • Stephen G. Kaniewski
    Valmont President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Mogens C. Bay
    Valmont Chairman of the Board
  • “Everything we do conserves resources and improves life — it’s our purpose as a company.”

UN Goals
Meeting the world’s sustainability goals
The United Nations has 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that serve as a framework to create a more environmentally friendly and inclusive world by 2030. Of those, we impact 16, but focus on four key areas to help transform the world:
Sustainable Development Goal 2
Zero Hunger

We’re committed — and have been since our founding — to working toward 0% world hunger.

Sustainable Development Goal 7
Affordable and Clean Energy

We continue to make clean energy more efficient and affordable.

Sustainable Development Goal 9
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We’re developing reliable and sustainable infrastructure to support economic development and human well-being.

Sustainable Development Goal 11
Sustainable Cities and Communities

We’re reducing the environmental impact of cities by making them safer, more accessible and more resilient against climate disasters.

Operating sustainably

Discover our sustainability highlights

We are fully invested in sustainable solutions and innovative digital transformation within our facilities.

The amount of electricity consumption reduced.
29.3K kWh/$M
The percentage by which we beat our annual carbon intensity target since 2018.
Amount of carbon emissions reduced since 2018.
22,000 MT+
The cost avoidance in electricity consumption since 2018. 
Sustainable solutions

Supporting sustainability outcomes

Valmont innovates, engineers and manufactures sustainable solutions to help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Our solar solutions support 7K GWh, equal to keeping over 1.1 M cars off the road for an entire year. 
7K GWh
Percentage of Valmont utility structures sold in North America are used to harden the electric grid, helping to combat the $169.8B impact caused by climate-related events in 2022.
Valmont EV charging structures support zero-emission buses. These buses have helped save 671K MT of CO2 in 2022 (U.S.), equal to taking nearly 145K cars off the road for an entire year.
671K MT CO₂
More people gained access to the internet from 2020 to 2022.
Water saved globally each year with Valley® center pivots.
4T gal
CO₂ reduced annually by remote connected devices, equal to over 23M pounds of coal burned.
21K MT of CO₂

Download reports

  • PDF 84.2MB
    2023 Valmont Sustainability Report
  • PDF 5.3MB
    2023 Valmont Sustainability Annex
  • PDF 1.6MB
    2023 GRI Report
  • PDF 270KB
    2023 Valmont Sustainability White Paper
  • PDF 585KB
    2023 Valmont Climate White Paper
  • PDF 8.9MB
    2023 Valmont Environmental Playbook  
  • PDF 6MB
    2023 Valmont Sustainability Playbook
  • PDF 2.9MB
    2022 Valmont SASB Disclosure
  • PDF 1.9MB
    2023 Valmont TCFD Disclosure