• Conserving Resources.
    Improving Life.

    Irrigation Image Street Lights

    Valmont Industries is one of the world’s leading providers of engineered products and services for infrastructure, and irrigation equipment for agriculture. 
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  • Sustaining Water
    and Growing Strong

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    Valmont pioneered the center-pivot, and now Valley® brand sets the standard for mechanized irrigation systems to meet food production demands worldwide.
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  • Strengthening Cities
    and Connecting People

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    Valmont provides innovative structural solutions for lighting, traffic systems, wireless communications, highway safety, industrial grating and access systems.
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  • Energizing Opportunities
    Transmitting Power

    Energizing Opportunities Image 1 Energizing Opportunities Image 2 Energizing Opportunities Image 3

    Valmont’s Utility business provides steel and concrete transmission and distribution poles, and substation structures, for traditional and renewable energy systems.
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  • Extending Life with
    Protective Coatings

    Extending Life Image 1 Extending Life Image 2 Extending Life Image 3

    Valmont’s hot-dip galvanizing, anodizing, powder and e-coatings protect steel materials from corrosion to maximize life, appearance and safety.
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  • Pursuing Growth
    on a Global Scale

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    With a presence in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, Valmont’s distributors and manufacturing facilities serve people all over the world.
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